Guest Rooms


Japanese-style rooms we proudly present are
recommended for stay with families and friends.


■10~20 tatami mat in size ■free internet,
■capacity for 2~8 guest ■check-in14: ■check-out11:00


A stylish interior that relieves the fatigue of trip.
For use of three guests, triple single beds in the following size.


■room size 21㎡ ■Bed size 195cm×98cm
■free internet ■capacity for 1~3 guest ■check-in14:00
■check-in14:00 ■check-out11:00


Recommended for long stay with a wide table,
a spacious double bed and a relaxing stylish interior.


■room size 14㎡ ■Bed size 195cm×120cm
■free internet ■capacity for 1~2 guest ■check-in14:00


Our most luxurious special guestroom full of grace with a spacious living room,
bedroom and dressing room.


■room size 50㎡ ■Bed size 195cm×98cm
■free internet ■capacity for 1~4 guest
■check-in14:00 ■check-out11:00


Toothbrush, shave, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dryer, air purifier, face towel, bath towel, bathrobe, slippers

Rent Out Items

Trouser presser, iron/ironing board, wheelchair, crib, nail clipper, sewing kit, umbrella, Wi-fi device, Wi-fi available on 1st floor.
Prior reservation required due to limited quantity



Palm Garden Restaurant

Okinawa’s first all-weather restaurant. Normally
open from July to October and serves BBQ. The
spacious garden terrace has a quiet atmosphere
full of nature in spite of being in the city. Enjoy the
fabulous BBQ under the night sky watching the

Banquet Room Great Hall

Convenient for lively banquet for group guests.
Available for various gatherings of up to 10〜120
person. Please look forward to the cuisine cooked
with seasonal ingredients. Also available for buffet
party, meetings and seminars.

Royal Hall Miyazato

Multipurpose hall for buffet style gatherings.
We will plan out to meet your request.
Also available for trainings and meetings for

Restaurant Southern Cross

Please enjoy your meal viewing the beautiful
garden full of green and subtropical plants rare in
Naha. Various fine dishes such as Japanese,
Western and Okinawan style.

Mid-size Banquet Room

Serves as venue for breakfast in the morning.
Guests with children are happy of the usability
and easiness.
Can also be used as a private room.

Lounge Geiontei

The interior designed in the image of the good old
Showa Period takes you back in time.
How about drinking delicious sake while enjoying
the conversation about Okinawa.


The bathhouse, rare in Okinawa, is enjoyed by
guests staying for pleasure and business.
Refresh the body and mind in the spacious


Convenient for guests staying over a prolonged
period and guests staying for business for washing
clothes during the stay.


Hotel information


35, Daido, Naha-shi

Rental Car

In case the navigation system does not accurately lead to
our hotel, please refer to a detailed map.
Entrance is along route 29.

Directions from the airport

By monorail: Get on at Airport Station. 7 minutes’ walk from
Asato Station.
By car: Get on route 58 from the airport and head to Naha City.
Turn right at Tomari intersection. Head straight towards Shuri.
On the left hand side about 300m passed Asato intersection.
About 20 minutes by taxi. Fee estimate ¥1600


Credit cards are accepted for accommodation payments.


Information on sightseeing around the hotel.

Kokusai Street

Main street of Naha. Souvenir shops and
Okinawan restaurants are lined along the street that
stretches about 1km. The area of which rapidly
developed after the war. Since it is about a mile
long, people call it the miraculous mile.


Famous to be an area of local flavor.
Enjoy the famous gyoza shop, the popular Okinawa
soba restaurant, and nourishments such as goat
dishes. There are also Japanese style pubs to enjoy
Okinawan cuisine and various nightspots to enjoy
the nightlife.

Shuri Area

Popular for the Shuri Castle and other World Heritage
sites located in the area. There is the famous
stone-paved street where a popular drama was filmed.
The stone-paved street is 340m long with flat limestones
paved which became smooth and shiny by being
used as passage by generations of people.

DFS Galleria

Popular spot where brands from around the world
are duty free. Only those who have a flight ticket
departing Naha Airport can shop.
Please inquire for details as some domestic flights
are not eligible for shopping.

Yachimun Doori

Pottery workshops opened in year 1682 per policy of
the administration of Ryukyu Kingdom. Currently,
40 shops sell potteries and 20 or more workshops
continue to make Tsuboya wares. Tour of an old
climbing kiln and experience program of making
pottery at a workshop is available.

Daiichi Makishi Kosetsu Ichiba

Market that supported the homes of Okinawa after
the war as the people’s kitchen. There are 400
shops where Okinawa’s specialty ingredients such
as the pig’s head and Scarus ovifrons are lined
closely side by side.

Golf Okinawa Country Club

A golf course to enjoy the Champion Course.
The hillside course created making good use of the
land form with uphill, downhill and over the pond
shots is popular. There is difference between each
hole. To play in accordance with the features of
each hole is the key for scoring well. Can
accommodate Japanese and English.

Scuba Diving SEASIR Naha

Diving shop in Naha. Enjoy full-scale scuba diving
in one of world’s clearest waters around the
Kelama Island. Free transportation for hotels
within Naha. Can accommodate Japanese,
English and Chinese.

Regulare Bus Tour

Pick up at our hotel and tour around popular tourist
spots on a bus. Selection of four courses to choose
from. Drop off is about 12 minutes’ drive from our
hotel. About 30 minutes’ walk. A stroll along the
Kokusai Doori is also recommended. Reservations
available at the front desk.